JONSBO V11: dual orientation mITX case

By Josh Spires

Well known case maker JONSBO has announced its latest mini-ITX case, the JONSBO V11, which can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

The case has an outer shell and an inner backbone that can slide out of the outer shell, allowing for easy buils. The case is a sandwich style design separating the GPU and CPU from one another with a centre partition.

JONSBO V11 component support

The GPU goes on the left side and the power supply and motherboard go on the right. For cooling, there is a single 140mm mount on the front that can be used with a fan or radiator. This design appears to suck in fresh air from the front and push it out of the sides and back of the case.

Water or air cooling

Both sides of the case also have a centred piece of mesh to allow for the GPU and CPU fans to breath and hopefully keeps temperatures reasonable. A CPU cooler with a maximum height of 70mm can be used, giving you the option to choose from the common mini-ITX contenders.

Water or air cooling

A unique selling point of this case is that it can be used vertically or horizontally, a fantastic addition to switch things up over time without needing to buy a new case. The rear of the case has four mounting points for included legs that allows it to be stood up. The only thing that might cause an issue is the rear IO cables, 90-degree cables might be required depending on the height of the legs.

Vertical or horizontal

GPUs with a maximum length of 300mm can be used at the same time as the front fan. If you don’t plan to use the front fan GPUs with a length of 330mm can be used. The V11 has three PCIe slots allowing for some of the larger cards to be used in the case. We currently don’t know the maximum height that can fit.