Bambu Lab A1 heatbed cable recall

Bambu Lab A1 full recall issued after heatbed issues

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Bambu Lab has decided to offer an optional recall for the Bambu Lab A1 heatbed with damage to the cable after receiving a number of reports from customers.

Update: Bambu Lab has issued a full recall for all A1 owners recommending that all should stop using their printers. This is additional to the original recall for the heatbead. More info is available in Bambu Lab’s blog.

Bambu Lab A1 heatbead

In a post on Bambu Lab’s blog, the company shared that it has received feedback from a number of customers that they were having unstable temperature readings and heating issues on their A1 3D printers.

After a thorough investigation the Bambu team found that the cause of the issue is due to damage at the base of the cable connecting to the bottom of the printer. Bambu says that the issue only affects a small portion of A1 printers due to excessive bending caused by external forces.

The company says this could happen in transportation, during installation, or after installation. If pressure is applied to the cable causing it to tightly bend, damage could be done.

Bambu Lab A1 heatbed recall
An A1 heatbed with a damaged cable

What are your options?

For all current Bambu Lab A1 owners the company has come up with the following solutions, for those with and without a damaged cable.

With damaged cable

For those with a damaged cable, or if you aren’t too sure if your cable is damaged Bambu Lab is urging customers to reach out to its support team by filling in a ticket. This link pre-fills the relevant fields on the ticket.

Bambu doesn’t recommend you use the printer with a damaged cable.

As for a replacement, you have two options.

If you are happy to replace the cable by yourself, the company is happy to send you a replacement heatbed assembly. For those that would prefer to have Bambu deal with the issue, the company is happy to send a full replacement printer.

Without damaged cable

Bambu Lab has developed a cable protector sleeve to attach to the cable. The company will dispatch a cable protector within the next month to all those who have previously purchased an A1. Bambu Lab has also made the 3MF model file of the connector available to download and print from MakerWorld.

Image source: Bambu Lab