BIGTREETECH Panda Touch Bambu Lab

BIGTREETECH Panda, a portable control tablet for Bambu Lab

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A big name in the 3D printer space, BIGTREETECH, has released the BIGTREETECH Panda Touch. Panda has been designed to provide Bambu Lab P1P and P1S users with a touchscreen display and provide added functionality to users with multiple printers.


The Panda Touch is a 5″ display that allows Bambu Lab printers to be controlled via BIGTREETECH’s custom user-interface, which builds on the interface used on the X1 series with additional features and touches added. The Panda Touch features a battery and connects to the printers via Wi-Fi.

While the BIGTREETECH Panda is a great solution for P1 series holders, the device adds more functionality than just a touch screen and AMS interface. The Panda Touch allows up to 10 Bambu Lab printers to be connected to it at a time.

The printers can be set to several modes, with one printer being the master, and the other nine being a slave, synced, or disconnected. In slave mode, the printer will print the same item that has been sent to the master printer. Synced means the status is shown on the Panda and disconnectd shows no information.

The Panda Touch also features a USB-A port for direct USB printing and lets you acess the file system of the master printer. The device chargers via pins on the back of the device, using magnets to connect it to its mount.