Framework Laptop Dual USB-C expansion card

Dual USB-C expansion card for Framework Laptop

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Framework Laptop community member, u/tbe, has shared a new update on their project to create a dual USB-C expansion card, something the community has been asking for since launch.

In a new post to a thread that was opened back in June 21, user tbe shared a couple of images of the latest round of prototype dual USB-C expansion card boards.

Dual USB-C expansion card

As of the latest post, the bottom of the board has been populated with components, with the top still needing to be done. Looking at the photos below, we can see where the two USB-C ports are and the tight spacing tbe had to deal with.

An interesting note pointed out, is that there are two PCBs, instead of one. The main PCB holds the two ports and most of the components, with a second smaller one used for the internal USB-C and board to board connector for simpler production and offsetting the port to the correct height.

As for when this will be available to the wider community will depend on how the building process goes. If it does go well and everything is working as expected, there is a high chance that Framework will take over for a production run, as this will be a popular addition to the expansion card family.

I did actually assemble the first (bottom) side tonight, but I really have to go to bed now! Still have to properly clean it and touch up a few spots. The top side looks a little more exciting with the main IC, voltage converter and the connectors there but it’s not assembled yet. I’ll do that on the weekend. I hope it survives a second reflow cycle without components falling off.

u/tbe via Framework forum

This is a great example of why Framework and its community is so great. Being able to build you own accessories for the laptop you bought with support from the company is rare. Great work to tbe for this design and Framework for its ongoing support of community projects.

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