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Forget dbrand, make your Steam Deck transparent with JSAUX

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Popular accessory maker, JSAUX has released a line of transparent backplates for the Steam Deck, giving you a glimpse into the internals of your Steam Deck and taking you back to the days of transparent technology.

A quick look at a transparent Steam Deck

As of now, the only way to get a ‘transparent’ look on your Steam Deck was to use the teardown skin from dbrand, which only covered the front of the device and required you to purchase a Killswitch case for the Steam Deck. Expensive.

This new option from JSAUX, goes for $29.99 USD and comes with a new transparent backplate, the tools needed to do the switch, a set of screws, finger gloves, and two extra sets of buttons, one lower and one higher profile. The new backplates also come with an upgraded heatsink and thermal pad, which should help to reduce any thermal throttling.

The contents of the JSAUX transparent Steam Deck backplate

This can be ordered right now via the JSAUX website, with the brown version estimated to ship before March 30th. At this stage there are six colours to choose from: Brown, Crystal, Purple, Red, Blue, and Green.

For those that already own cases for the Steam Deck, yes, the backplate is compatible with your existing JSAUX cases, and with other third-party cases (testing needed). When it comes to the rear paddles, if you use the ones with a red or yellow label, current JSAUX cases will be compatible. When using the back paddles with a blue label on it, no JSUAX cases will work.

JSAUX has over 28 accessories for the Steam Deck ranging from right angled USB-C cables to cases, screen protectors, and docking stations.