How to customise your Steam Deck Startup Movie

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Valve’s Steam Deck has gained native support for custom Startup Movies available to purchase through the Points Ship. This is a nice update removing the need to go into desktop mode to change your startup animation.

We first noticed this new section in the settings menu after installing the latest beta build. Our Steam Deck is on OS Version 3.4.6 and OS Build 20230313.1.

Customise your startup movie

The new setting can be found in the settings menu under the Customization tab. At the moment this tab only supports changing the startup movie, but we expect it to gain more features down the line.

Currently, you can select a startup movie from any you own, shuffle the startup movies you own to randomly display one on launch, and a button that takes you to the points store to purchase more startup movies.

More settings the better

From the start, Valve has focused on allowing users to customise their Steam Deck’s to their likings, and even allowing access to desktop mode to take this customisation to the next level. It’s great to see more settings making their way into the native SteamOS making them accessible to people that aren’t interested in running desktop mode.

We have been loving the Steam Deck so far and can’t wait to see what the Valve team do with it next. We will continue to keep an eye on new features making their way into SteamOS.