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Aperture Desk Job shows the Steam Deck’s true potential

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Aperture Desk Job from Valve is the ultimate representation of what a game built and optimised for the Steam Deck can be, utilising many of the Steam Deck’s features other games have not yet explored.

Note: This does include spoilers to the short game. Be sure to play it before you continue reading.

In-game desk

The feature that is present in almost every scene in the game is the desk, aka a digital Steam Deck. The desk is used as a way to introduce all the control options of the Steam Deck, from the trigger buttons to the gyroscope. The desk is a unique and well thought out way to get users used to the Steam Deck controls.

The digital desk even reacts when the inputs are engaged in real life, with lights and movements that replicate.

Steam deck control inputs

Through Aperture Desk Job, all the main input methods of the Steam Deck are used. This includes

  • Trigger buttons
  • XYAB buttons
  • Rear buttons
  • Gyroscope
  • Touchpads
  • Sticks
  • D pad

This is something that existing games fail to do well. While most games work thanks to Proton, there are not that many that utilise all the control methods to improve the experience. Upcoming games built for Steam Deck will be the first generation of its type, and it will be interesting to see how they turn out.


As this game is more of a demo of what the Steam Deck is capable of its FREE. The game is pretty fun and is a great way to introduce the Deck’s abilities. The game can also be played using other Steam supported controllers.