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How to get the Steam Deck in Australia

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You can now get a Valve Steam Deck in Australia! While it’s not directly from Valve, this is the next best option for Aussie gamers and so far, users are getting what they’ve paid for. Let’s see how it’s possible.

Buying a Steam Deck in Australia

A common method to get a Steam Deck, and any product for that matter, into Australia when it’s not officially supported is by using a mail forwarding service. The mail forwarding company buys the product on your behalf, ships it to its warehouse, and then ships it to you.

While this is an option for Steam Deck, a new and arguably safer option has shown up. Buying a Steam Deck through Kogan or Dick Smith, as the same company owns them. Please note: This is a grey import and comes with the associated risks.

How to buy a Steam Deck

Kogan has all three models of Steam Deck available to buy right now. Kogan along with 5 other third-party sellers offer the Steam Deck at the moment, something to keep in mind. The three models are priced as follows:

As mentioned above multiple sellers offer the Steam Deck. After purchasing the Steam Deck ourselves and seeing what other have written online, the safest option is to buy the Steam Deck sold by Kogan.com. This means the Steam Deck will come directly from Kogan and is backed by Kogan’s warranty. This removes the additional headache of having to deal with another company if something was to go wrong.

You can find the Sold by Kogan.com text in the right column on the product page under the deliver to XXXX section. If it doesn’t say Kogan.com, scroll to the bottom until you see X other offers from $XXX.

Steam Deck Australia warranty

As mentioned before, this is based on the Steam Deck from Kogan.com and not from other sellers.

If there is an issue with the device, Kogan will likely replace the Steam Deck or repair it if possible. This is at the discretion of Kogan and is not guaranteed. We did come across this example, a user received a broken Steam Deck on delivery, reported it on the day they received it and Kogan replaced it with a brand-new unit.