LTT Screwdriver comes close to the top in Project Farm testing

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Now that the LTT Screwdriver is in the hands of the very first customers, reviews and tests are starting to release. Today we’ll be looking at comparison from Project Farm that sees the LTT Screwdriver compete with thirteen other ratcheting screwdrivers.

The LTT Screwdriver has been years in the making, with many challenges that were overcome to create what looks to be an amazing product. Linus recently went over the entire process in a transparent video, discussing everything that went down and why it took so long to bring to market.

The LTT Screwdriver comes in at $69.99, more on the pricey side of things. But as you will learn throughout the video below and the post outlining the video, this price tag might very well be a direct result of the quality you are paying for.

Side-to-side shaft wobble

The top spot for side-to-side shaft wobble goes to the Megapro, Irwin, and LTT all with just 0.041 inches (1.0414 millimetres) of wobble. An impressive number for sure!

Right-left passes

In this test, the LTT Screwdriver takes out the top spot, requiring only 9.3 passes in a 50-degree space to complete a full 360-degree rotation. Coming in at second is Megapro at 9.5 passes, and third is PB Swiss at 9.8 passes.

Rotational slop

This is the worst test for the LTT Screwdriver, putting it in 12th place for the test with 0.745 inches of rotational slop in the locked position. In first place is PB Swiss with 0.170 inches, with Milwaukee and Megapro taking the following spots with 0.308 and 0.420 inches of rotational slop respectively.

We 100% see this number improving in future revisions of the LTT Screwdriver as Linus continues on his quest to create the best ratcheting screwdriver on the market.

Ratchet back drag

LTT’s screwdriver takes top spot in requiring the least amount of resistance for back drags, coming in at 9.1 grams. In second Williams comes in at 13.9, and in third, Megapro comes in at 19.5 grams.

Magnetic strength

PB Swiss came in first in this test with a very impressive 199.5 grams of magnetic hold strength, winning by over 100 grams. In second place is LTT with an impressive 89.9 grams of magnetic strength. In third place, Wera was able to hold up to 69.8 grams.

Bit retention strength

When it comes to ensuring the bit stays in the screwdriver PB Swiss is the top dog at 2199 grams of retention strength. In second is Wera at 1436 grams, and in third is SATA at 1227 grams. LTT came in 6th place at 1201 grams.

This is another point of improvement Linus will no doubt cover when it comes to future revisions of the LTT Screwdriver.

Other tests

Bit tip failure load

Testing the failure load of the Phillips #2 bit sees PB Swiss take the top spot, followed by GearWrench, and finished off by Megapro with 144, 141, and 130 in lbs respectively. LTT came in 4th place with 128 in lbs.

Screwdriver weight

As for the weight of the screwdrivers without bits Megapro and Milwaukee came in first place at 5.8 ounces (164 grams), and LTT coming in second at 6 ounces (170 grams). Including the weight of the bits, which is likely how you’re going to be using the screwdriver, Husky and LTT comes in first at 7.4 ounces (210 grams), with Wera coming in second at 7.5 ounces (213 grams).

Final results

BrandSide-to-side shaft wobbleRight-left passesRotational slopRatchet back dragMagnetic strengthBit retention strengthAverage
PB Swiss33111113.3
Klein Tools68691087.8
Snap On410865147.8

Source: Project Farm