Lenovo’s LEGION brand isn’t a fan of Framework’s 3D printed power button

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In a tweet sent out by Framework yesterday, the company shared that Lenovo lawyers aren’t too fond of Framework’s 3D printed case’s power button design, suggesting it looks too similar to Lenovo’s LEGION brand and may cause confusion.

LEGION vs Framework’s power button?

Taking a look at the tweet and the image shared, Lenovo’s lawyers suggest the logo of its LEGION brand, a three-section circle is very similar to the design of the power button on Framework’s case.

We believe that the Broken O Case may infringe on Lenovo’s trademark rights in the LEGION Trademarks, and may ultimately lead to consumer confusion. In other words, consumers could believe that Framework’s Broken O Case or the motherboards they cover are produced by, sponsored, endorsed, licensed, or otherwise affiliated with Lenovo, when that is not the case.

Here’s your chance

As a fun way to change the design and get the community involved, Framework is asking anyone who feels like it, to design a new power button for its 3D printed case, as long as it doesn’t infringe on any other brand’s trademarks.

Framework’s CEO will be judging the entries and the winner will receive a free i5-1135G7 Mainboard, giving you the perfect reason to print your own case. Entries close on August 25th at 11:59pm PST and the winner will be announced on August 26th.

As of right now, the case is still up on Printables and can be downloaded and used as you like. As we have uploaded the case, we aren’t sure how long it will be on the website for. Once a new design has been chosen, we will update the files and remove the power button design.

Great work Framework!

We have to applaud Framework for turning something negative into a positive and fun way to get the community involved. Being able to step back and not get involved with a larger company over something so trivial is powerful and should be done by more brands. Great work Framework, and can’t wait to see the Framework Laptop and Mainboard make its way to Australia in the near future.

Source: Twitter