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A full list of Android apps with Material You themed icons

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With the release of Android 13, Google has introduced the ability for third-party apps to take advantage of its Material You themed icons first introduced in Android 12.

What are themed icons?

As an extension of Google’s Adaptive icons standard app developers can now update their app icons to match the theme of an Android device in Android 13 (API level 33).

These new icons are best described as a built-in icon pack of sorts, when turned on all apps will have the same background colour with the logo taking on a lighter or darker colour depending on the current display mode (dark mode or light mode).

Google apps

Below is a list of all the Google apps that currently support Material You themed icons. This list will be updated as more Google apps are given the Material You treatment.

Third-party apps

Now that Google has released Android 13 and app makers are now starting to update their apps to support Android’s Material You themed icons, here is a list of all the apps we have found so far:

Image: Google