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Framework receives $18M in Series A funding round

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Repairable and upgradable laptop maker Framework has just announced its successful Series A funding round that has brought in $18 million with Spark Capital as the lead investor.

The announcement also gives us a vague look into the future of Framework, what it plans to use the money on, and the next repairable and upgradable products from the company.

The immense and immediate interest from all of you in our mission and in the Framework Laptop made it clear that we’re on the right track. This industry is long overdue for deeply personal products that are designed to last. This was as obvious to all of you as it was to us, and our partners at Spark have full belief in it too.

Where the funds will go

Framework has shared that it plans to use the $18m raised to develop upcoming product categories and support the development of new modules and geographic expansion for the current Framework Laptop.

Much like our products are built around longevity, we’re building this company for the long haul. We don’t need investor funding to keep the lights on; we instead use it to accelerate bringing upgradeability, customization, and repair to more of consumer electronics.

Framework’s next product

Framework stated that this funding will allow it to accelerate its plans for products in other categories with a detailed plan in place for the next two years. The company hasn’t hinted to what the next product category we could be looking at but it’s likely that it will move into the SFF PC world, taking on pre-built machines meant for the business world.

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