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Phanteks Evolv Shift XT: three sizes, one case

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Phanteks has unveiled its latest mini-ITX case, the Phanteks Evolv Shift XT during CES 2022, boasting an adjustable design for various setups and components, attempting to fix one of the biggest challenges when building in SFF cases.

A quick look at the Shift XT

Looking at the materials we have available we can see the case can shift between three positions:

  • Small – no top mounted fans or radiator
  • Medium – top mounted fans, no top mounted radiator
  • Large – top mounted fans and radiator

To achieve this shifting ability the top of the case can be slid upwards creating a larger internal area for components. It doesn’t appear that the case can be adjusted on the fly, meaning its more of a permanent adjustment.

It’s clear that Phanteks is trying to solve one of the biggest issues with mini-ITX and SFF cases, component compatibility. Often when people are making the switch to a smaller case the GPU, power supply, or CPU cooler might no longer fit, this would no longer be an issue with a case that can expand to fit your components.

Another benefit of a case like this is the added support for water-cooling. While many SFF cases support water cooling its either limited or very tightly packed with limited cooling benefit. Having the extra vertical room to place a radiator at the top with a few extra fans means more powerful components and cooler temperatures.

Both side panels are fully ventilated with the shiftable top also vented for more cooling potential. The case supports 3-slot GPUs up to 324mm long and comes with a PCIe Gen 4 riser cable. A new Revolt SFX power supply (650W Gold, 750W Gold, 750W Platinum) has also been announced and will be included with the case.


Material2.5mm anodised aluminium, side panels: ultra-fine mesh dust filters
ColoursSatin Black and Galaxy Silver
GPU3-slot, 324mm in length
CPU coolerTBD
Fan2x120mm fan at the top of case
Radiator240mm at the top of case
Specs will be updated as we learn more.


As of now Phanteks has only previewed the case, its hasn’t officially been launched yet, which could mean the company is still finalising a few things before going all in. That being said, the case is expected to cost $169.99 when it launches in February with a higher price for the higher end power supply options.

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Source: Phanteks