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GeForce NOW Australia: October 19 release, $17.99 per month, free plan

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GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet has just announced it will officially release in Australia on October 19th, only five days away with discounted pre-order pricing available right now. The launch of the service will see the first of its kind in Australia and will give more people access to gaming starting at $0!

Beta results

Throughout the beta testing phase, over 250,000 quests were completed with more than 200,000 achievements being earned. More than three million minutes across more than 100,000 gaming sessions have been played on the GeForce Now Beta, allowing the Pentanet team to gain valuable data to improve the streaming service for the public release.

Watch the announcement video below:

Price and availability

GeForce NOW Australia will officially release on October 19th, just 5 days away! As for pricing, there are two plans on offer at launch, a free Basic plan, and a paid Priority plan.

The Basic plan will allow you to play for free for up to one hour at a time. The Priority plan will allow you to play for up to four hours at a time, with priority queuing into games and with RTX-on. This plan comes in at $19.99 per month or $17.99 per month when paying annually. This pricing is exclusive to pre-orders only and will be raised after launch.

To pre-order GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanat, head over to the Cloud.GG website and pre-order your Priority plan! Remember, you only have 5 days to take advantage of the pre-order pricing!

Basic$01-hour long gaming sessions
Priority$17.99/m – yearly
$19.99/m – month-to-month
4-hour long gaming sessions
Priority game queuing
RTX-on gameplay
Please note this is pre-order pricing.

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Source: Geforce NOW Powered by Pentanet