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Earlier this month GEEEK showed off another upcoming case its working on, the GEEEK C2, which is an acrylic version of the unreleased G2 metal case from the company. It seems that GEEEK is wanting to stick with its acrylic case roots while also building out its budget luxury line of small form factor (SFF) cases.

Since the Tweet from GEEEK no other information on the case has been released but from a reply to the image we can assume that the specs will be remarkably similar if not identical to the G2, which we already know the specs of.

The G2 is said to launch in Q4 of this year but there is no word around the C2. As it seems like GEEEK is currently focusing on its other upcoming case, the steel M5 and its G line of aluminium cases it will be released early next year.

Below is the specs sheet of the GEEEK G2, which we assume will be the same as the C2. These specs are taken from GEEEK’s case comparer website.

ColorBlack, possibly white
MaterialsAcrylic, metal rear bracket
Dimensions (WxHxD)122x210x270mm
Case Volume6.9 L
Expansion Slots2
I/O Panelโ€“
CPU Cooler Height50mm
Graphic Card Length260mm
Graphic Card Width45mm
Drives1x 2.5โ€ณ
Power SupplyFlex ATX
Liquid Coolingโ€“
Fan โ€“ Top2x 92x15mm
Fan โ€“ Bottom 2x 92x15mm

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Source: GEEEK


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