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NZXT recalls its H1 case, offers refunds, and removes it from sale

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Pc case manufacturer and builder NZXT has formally recalled its H1 Mini-ITX case and is now facilitating full refunds if uses prefer. It will also begin to ship updated PCIe 3.0 riser cables to those that fill out a form.

If you haven’t kept up with the news surrounding the H1 case from NZXT of recent, then you might be unaware of the massive amounts of potential damage it could cause. It has been found that a screw on the riser cable included in the case contacts a 12 V plane, resulting in a short and eventually a fire starting in the case.

The reason behind this happening requires two things to happen simultaneously, making the issue much harder to diagnose. The first is the easy one. The power supply must be screwed into the case, resulting in both being grounded, which is a good thing.

The second is the screw mentioned above. The screw used is metal and is a little larger than the hole in the PCB. This has resulted in the PCB slowly being eaten away by the screw every time it rotates. After some time, enough PCB is eaten away that a slither of copper appears, the 12 V plane, and results in the grounded case being turned into a circuit with the 12 V line.

After some time and videos discussing the matter released by Gamers Nexus, NZXT has finally decided to offer full refunds and returns to H1 owners. The case has also been taken off its store and its build website. Retailers will also remove the case from sale until new PCIe risers are shipped.

If you would like to get the new fixed riser cable, head over this form to join the list if you haven’t already done so for the nylon screws previously shipped out. You will receive the riser cable and nylon screws.

If you aren’t interested in getting a new riser cable, fill out this opt-out form to do so. If you want a full refund, contact NZXT or the retailer you purchased your case from.

Be sure to watch the latest video from Steve at Gamers Nexus talking about the issue in-depth to get a little more clarification on the issue. Thanks to Steve and the Gamers Nexus team to bring this issue to the mainstream and make sure it’s dealt with correctly.

Image: NZXT